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Our Primary Purpose

As an Indian American, Ajay Anand, President & CEO of Anand Financial Advisors, was raised in a culture that values trust, time, and community - our firm is rooted in those same ideals.



Choosing to trust us with your finances is an honor we never take lightly. Ajay Anand grew up working in the hotel business at a young age, learning the value of hard-work, dedication, and a desire to learn. That is why we ensure that our expertise backs your experience with us. As he grew into adulthood, Ajay Anand rose through the ranks to become an Investment Consultant, working on institutional retirement plans, endowments, and foundations totaling $20 billion in assets. We believe this prior experience serves a greater purpose: helping families and business owners preserve their wealth so that they can pass it along to the ones they love.

Your financial plan is ever-evolving. It will grow, change, and transform alongside you. We want to make sure your finances continue to fit your lifestyle, wherever life goes.

While we monitor your assets on a continuous basis, you can check in at any time, and reach out to us whenever you feel it is convenient for you. Your time is valuable, which is why we want you to spend it doing things that bring you joy - we will take care of the rest.

At Anand Financial Advisors, we value people - not products. That is why we consider our clients our family, and in the same way that we have our family’s best interest in mind; we have your best interest, too. You can trust that we will communicate with you transparently, offering unbiased opinions to symbolize our respect.


“Anand” is not only the name of our firm; it is the Sanskrit word for happiness - and happiness is an asset we hope to offer. Our job is to help you build a life that brings wealth and personal wellness. And since wealth and health go hand-in-hand, we believe you should have both. We believe you should:

Be Wellthy.

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